Add Media to a Listing | Scribe

    Add Media to a Listing

        Adding Listing Photos

        Navigate to your listing detail page.
        Click on the image space labeled "NO IMAGE".
        Click this image of the cloud with an arrow.
        Tip! You can also utilize our Dropbox Import function by clicking the blue Dropbox Import button.
        Click "Drop files here or click to upload (Please upload all photos in JPEG/JPG format.)"
        Click "Close".
        The image now appears in the Media Library.
        Alert! If photos do not meet system minimum photo resolution requirements, you will see an alert symbol in the top right corner.
        Once you have added your media to the Media Library, you can then choose which images to add to the Listing Photos. These are the photos that will syndicate for Dash users.
        Click "Save".

        Adding Listing Media Links

        To add a URL for a virtual tour, floorplan, video walkthrough, etc., click "+Add Link".
        Click the Link Category dropdown menu to select the appropriate link type.
        Paste the Link Url in the required field.
        Add link "Description" field if needed.
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