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    Add Multiple Employees

        Get your CSV file ready

        Download our CSV template and list your employees. 🔗 [](
        Needed information: Email* First name* Last name* Phone number All fields with a * are mandatory.

        Upload your file

        Navigate to [](
        Click "Employees"
        Click "Upload employees"
        Click "Upload CSV File"
        Click "Next"
        Click "Assign" In the dropdown menu, select the type of data And click "Assign"
        Click "Next"
        Click "Start Import"
        It is impossible to reupload a user if they have been created before. If you encounter this situation, please contact us : 💬 Via chat on the platform 📞 By phone: 🇫🇷 +33 1 76 41 13 37 | 🇺🇸 +1 866-995-3341 ✉️ By mail : [email protected]
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