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    Add New Daily Entry

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    Click "Today"
    Create a New Entry.
    Fill out any of the prompts you'd like to record for the day.
    Click this icon.
    Now it's time to Filter your 'Today' timeline. "Click "Filter" if it isn't already showing.
    Select the 'Daily Views' filter.
    Delete any existing Daily Views you don't want to show in the timeline.
    Click "@Today XX:XX" for your newly created Daily Entry.
    Click "Save for everyone"
    Select the 'Week' filter.
    If it needs updating for a new week, select the week from the list. (If it's the first day of a new week, you may need to go create a new Week entry in the 'This Week' section of Landmark OS')
    Click "Today" to focus your timeline on your current time.
    Click on the timeline to add a new task for Today.
    Name your task.
    Click "Empty"
    Select any project(s) this task belongs to.
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