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    Add New User

    • Brokerage Engine |
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    • 30 seconds
      Navigate to the Manage Users Panel. Add [ /admin/users ] to end of your URL after .com
      Heads Up! Requires System admin permission to access the manage users panel
      Click "New User"
      Enter the first name, last name, and email address the user will use to login to system.
      You will only be able to select 'Assistant' in type field when first creating a new profile
      Click "Submit"
      Click "OK"
      Search name of new user
      Click here to update permissions
      Select the desired permission level
      Click "OK"
      Click "OK"
      Click here to set or reset password
      Heads Up! You have option to create password for user or have system randomize a password. You also have choice if you want system to send a welcome email to new user with credentials
      Click here.
      Click here to randomize a password
      Click here if wanting a welcome email to go out.
      Click submit when done.
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