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    Add Transaction(s) to Invoice Proposal

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    Manage Project Billing Transactions (MPBT)

    - Note that you are only able to add transactions **prior** to the last transaction date originally selected **before** submitting the invoice proposal for approval. - For example, if the Invoice Proposal includes transactions from 10/1 to 10/30, only transactions on or prior to 10/30 can be added. - To add transactions with a **later date** or **after submitting it for approval**, you will need to **cancel** the Invoice Proposal and start the process over.
    - Navigate to MPBT
    - Select project
    - Click [[Review]]
    - Select the [[Transaction(s)]] you wish to add to the Invoice Proposal
    - Change the [[Billing Status]] to [[Ready to Bill]]
    - Click [[Submit]]

    Edit Invoice Proposal to Refresh Transaction Data

    - Click **[[...]]** next to the Invoice Proposal CINV number
    - Hover over [[Customer Invoice Proposal]] - Select [[Edit]]
    - Click [[Save and Refresh]]
    The transaction(s) are now included in the Invoice Proposal.
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