Add a New Pending Transaction | Scribe

    Add a New Pending Transaction

        Add Buyer Side-Only Transaction

        Click "Pending"
        Click "New Transaction"
        Enter Address, City, State, Zip Code
        Alert! If you do not have an MLS number, please enter "NOMLSID" in MLS# field.
        Enter Sales Price, Contract date and Estimated Close Date
        Select Property type
        Select property subtype
        Select Contact Type
        Enter Seller Contact Information
        Enter the outside Brokerage Information for the Listing Side
        Select the buyer contact type
        Enter the Buyer contact information
        Alert! The commission rate is entered per side (not total).
        Enter the Commission rate for Buy Side
        Tip! If more than one agent, the commission % needs to add up to 100%. Example: 2 agents splitting deal, each would be 50%
        Select Agent(s)
        Select the Closing Company
        Optional to enter Mortgage Company
        Click here if needing to add referral information, otherwise do not check.
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