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    Add a user and manage permissions

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    Add a new user

    Click the **Users** icon
    In the Users page, click the **Add a user** button
    Enter the details of the user and click the **Send Invite** button
    User has been invited and added to the list of Users
    A user who already has an account with generate.TAX (as an owner or user) cannot be invited again.
    The invite is sent to the user mailbox
    The invited user needs to click on the **Activate Account**
    The invited user will need to setup a password to finalise the activation process
    Once activated the user status will change

    Assign user permissions

    Click on the **Users** icon
    Users need to be given access to organisations to be able to use the account. Use the **Rights** button to assign access
    Toggle the Yes/No button to give access and use the **Save user permission** button
    User permissions have been saved and you may return to the **Users** page

    Advanced user permissions

    You may assign advanced permissions to specific users / managers to help with managing the account.
    **Manage organisations** When choosing this option, the user will be able to: - add new organisations / companies - edit existing ones (such as assigning a friendly name) - view usage and properties
    **Manage users** When choosing this option, the user will be able to: - add new users and resend invite - view login history - assign permissions & rights - delete users

    Delete a user

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