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    Add address tab to onboarding screen.EL-643

    • Mpho Bereng |
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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Launch Process"
    Click "Wf_Onboarding_Test"
    Click this image. To add the team structure node
    Click this field.
    Click "Refresh"
    Click "179927623.000000000"
    Click "Confirm"
    Click "Address Details"
    Click "Add Address"
    Click here. to select the address type
    Click "Free Form Physical Address"
    Click this checkbox.
    Click here. if you want to enter the address
    Click "Update"
    Click "Submit Data"
    Click "Address Details"
    as you can see the previous address it was initially on the system it is replaced this is because i had selected the physical address meaning you cant have 2 same address type new one will replace the old one.
    Click here. now im going to select a different address type
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