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    Add information to Contact Card, Defendants section & Witness section

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    Click the colored circle with big letters to open the client's contact card.
    In the client's contact card there should be information already added by the Intake department since they are the first department to touch the case. We are just going to go over the information and add what is missing. We should get this information by talking to client, from the intake document and driver's license/ ID

    Contact Info

    Go over the client's name and confirm it's complete and spelled correctly. If we have an ID or Drivers license use it to fill the contact card. If we don't have it make sure to request a picture of the ID from the client.
    Date of Birth can be confirm from client's Identification, Intake document & client's call.
    Confirm if client's phone number matches the one in the intake document
    Sometimes there are several phone numbers in client's contact card besides client's primary phone number. Double check on the intake if client added an emergency contact. If yes, add the name/relation to the notes. If there is no information on secondary phone numbers, contact the client for any secondary phone numbers and add the names and relation to the notes. Also, ask if we have permission to contact additional phone numbers in case of an emergency and add client's response to the notes.
    Categorize the additional phone numbers in client's contact card.
    The clients address is usually most accurate on the intake document. Sometimes, clients change their address and do not update the address seen on their driver's license or state ID. If there is no address listed in the intake document, please call client to verify address. Always use Google to confirm that the address is spelled correctly.
    As you can see in this case the intake document did not provide the client's email. So this is something that needs to be asked from the client directly on the call.
    Once client provides an email add it to the contact card. If client doesn't have email, it's okay.


    Once everything is completed in the "Contact Info", click "Details"
    Turn "Can Text?" into green that way Filevine allows anyone who's working on the case to send text message.
    Add "Language" IT HELPS A LOT to whoever answers the calls
    Select Gender
    Confirm "Marital Status" from the intake document or ask the client.
    Add Driver License Number. If we don't have the Driver License ask the client to send a picture.
    Social Security has to be requested directly from client. If they don't want to provide it, let them know that case manager will eventually ask for SSN because it is what's need to request bills & records, specially if they went to ER or their treatment is being cover by health insurance.
    Click "Save"
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