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    Add new user

        Click on the top right corner gear to open settings.
        Click "Users"
        Click "New User"
        Click on the plus sign to create a new contact. Alternately click on the pencil icon to select one or multiple contacts who will have the same roles and permissions
        After clicking the plus sign a new form will appear. Fill in the "Name" fields. Select a "Group" and "Company" from the dropdown. You can also create a company from here by clicking on the plus sign.
        After clicking on the plus sign next to "Companies", a form will appear. Enter your company name and click on "Save".
        You can also select an already created Company by clicking on the down arrow (drop down list).
        Fill out all the mandatory field email and optional field phone. Check "Map company to Contact Groups" if you wish to do so.
        Alternately you can click on the pencil icon and select multiple contacts who will have the same roles and permissions. Select the "Contact Group" and "Company" names from the drop down menu. The window below will show all the users under the selected "Contact Group" and "Company".
        You can select one or multiple contacts by dragging them from the left window to the right.
        Click "Ok"
        Enter values for "username", "password", check the boxes "Active", "Can change ticker notifications" and "Template Account" as applicable.
        Click "Roles" tab
        Click on the pencil icon next to "Assigned Role"
        A window will appear. You can select one or multiple roles by dragging roles from under "Available Roles" to "Assigned Roles"
        Click "Save"
        Select "Access Groups" from the drop down menu
        Select "Default Access Group" from the drop down. Select "Sites" if applicable.
        Check the boxes "Admin", "External Use" and "Proxy Use" as applicable.
        Click "Permission" Tab. Permissions have been described in detail in a different section.

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