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    Adding Images and Media

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      The common media tools in the toolbar are the following, we will go into the main options in detail

      Making use of Images

      It is easy to add images using the ATTO text editor. If you have the image already as a file on your computer or inside a word document, you can simply drag or copy-paste the image into the text editor. This will upload the image directly into the location you dragged into. Once uploaded you can always: - Click and drag an image to move it. - Double-click the image to open its properties. This allows you to resize the image and also provide alternate text for accessibility. You can also use the insert image button to select an image file to insert, this does the same thing as the other options.

      Videos and Audio

      Uploaded files will display with a media player within the text editor, you can click and drag them to move the video player similar to how you would move an image. Click the Insert media option in the text editor toolbar.
      Click 'Browse repositories', no need to select the 'Video' or 'Audio' tab.
      On the left, select the 'theBox' option.
      On the right, upload the media file and click save. Continue selecting the 'Save' and 'Insert' options as they appear. The media will be embedded in the text editor as a media player (it may also look like a URL link in the text editor, this is fine).

      Downloading Uploaded Files

      Sometimes, you may want to download or recover an uploaded file. Files that are recorded via the recorder or images that have been pasted/uploaded into the page can be downloaded via the manage files button Just click on a file within the manage files popup and select download
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