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    Adding Library Resources

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Communities"
    Click "My Communities"
    Select the community to access their specific library.
    Click "Library" tab
    Click "Create Entry"
    Click the "Title" field and title your entry so it is easy for others to find.
    Tip! Some libraries may already have folders established. See if there is a folder dedicated to the type of entry you are making.
    In the description area, you may type a brief narrative about the resource.
    Click this dropdown. To select what kind of resource you are uploading.
    Click this button.
    Click "Choose and Upload"
    Click "Upload"
    Click this button.
    Alert! Any content that already exists on the DAR Members Website should be hyperlinked. DO NOT duplicate content.
    Click "Back to Library"
    Click "Create Entry"
    Click the "Title" field and title as appropriate. Keep the name the same as it is on the Members Website.
    Free type a brief description of the resource if applicable.
    Click this dropdown. Select Hyperlink.

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