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    Adding Medications to Campwise

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    Navigate to <>
    Login to your campwise account and select "Login".
    Select "Update Info" or "Complete Registration" next to the camper's name you need to upload medications for.
    You'll be directed to your Parent Dashboard, then select the "Medical" tab.
    Select the week(s) you want to add the medication to and then click "Add Medication".
    If your camper is bringing medications you'll select "Yes" in the drop down and then put the number of medications that they are taking. Then select "Add/Edit Meds".
    Fill in all the sections. \ Please add when the medication is to be taken and any other comments in the "comments" section. Once all is filled out select "Select Sessions".
    If you're camper is attending multiple sessions you'll be able to select them all here. Once selected click "Create Schedule".
    Then select when the medication will be administered. At camp we administer medications at four times \ Breakfast: 8am\ Lunch: 1pm\ Dinner: 6pm\ Bedtime: 8:30-9:00pm\ If your camper has an as needed medication you can select "Other". If your camper needs alternative medication times please contact the office at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])\ Then select "Save/Next".

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