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    Adding a Second Collection | ParishSOFT Giving

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Fund Management"
    Click "Add"
    Click "Second Collection"
    Click the "Second Collection Name" field.
    Type in the name of the Second Collection.
    Go to the site of the second collection by using your Search Engine.
    Save the image for the Second Collection.
    Copy the description of the Second Collection.
    Switch back to your Second Collection setup.
    Click the "Second Collection Description" field.
    Paste your Second Collection description into the field.
    Click "Select Second Collection Image"
    Edit the image on []( (free photo editing)
    Download the image.
    Click "Select Second Collection Image" and choose your file.
    Resize the coverage of the image.
    Click here.
    Choose your process date.
    Choose the Process Date - recommended 7 days after the Collection Date.
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