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    Adding a subscriber to a Custom Report in Snoobi

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    Start by logging into Snoobi Analytics.
    Go to "CUSTOM REPORTS" to see all reports you have access to,
    Select the report where you want to add a subscriber, click on the title,
    Click on the 'Report Actions' menu
    Click "Email subscriptions". Note that if you do not see that option you are not an owner of the report so you cannot change or add a subscriber. Contact your Snoobi Administrator or Snoobi Support.
    You can add text to the body of the e-mail report by clicking the "Description (included in the email)" field. You can also add some simple html in this area.
    You can add a subscriber by clicking the "Email" field and entering a valid e-mail address.
    Choose the language from the available languages,
    Click this dropdown to select a day, week of month report.
    On this dropdown you can choose when to send the e-mail report.
    Click the 'Date Range' dropdown menu to select how many days, weeks or months you want to include in the report.
    Click "SAVE" to save your changes, or add another subscriber. Each subscriber can have their own language and other report settings.
    Make sure the checkbox 'Enabled' is checked to enable the report sending. You can also temporarily prevent the report from bring sent by un-checking this box.
    Tip! If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Snoobi Support.
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