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    Adding and Revoking an Escrow Deposit

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine.
      Click "Quick Actions" to search for the Transaction.
      Click "Advance Search"
      Click "Transaction" from the dropdown menu.
      Click the "Search..." field and type at least 4 characters.
      Click the "Search" button.
      Click on the Action button to open the Transaction.
      Click "Commission Detail"

      Add Escrow Deposit

      Click "Add Deposit"
      Click on the small calendar icon to record the date of the deposit. This field will always default to today's date.
      Click this text field to type an optional Receipt Number.
      Select a Contact from the dropdown menu.
      Type the amount in this text field.
      This section will default to the Escrow Deposit Banking Account selected on the Brokerage Settings. In order to select another account, click on the dropdown menu.
      Click this text field to add optional Notes.
      Click "Save"
      The Escrow Details will then display and show the status of the Deposit as "Entered".
      Click "Download PDF" to obtain a Transaction Escrow Breakdown.
      The Transaction Escrow Breakdown will then download in a PDF format.
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