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    Adding the unpacked extension to Chrome

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      Most of the features (recording and Scribe Live should work properly). However, some features will not work. Those are: - Inserting Scribes into Gmail (either from the injected button by clicking "Select a Scribe" or by recording a new Scribe) - Starting/editing a recording from the web app
      Perhaps remove other versions of Scribe extension to avoid confusion

      Downloading the zip from Google Drive

      Open Google Chrome
      In a new tab, navigate to Google Drive: [](
      Open Shared drives
      Open "Product / Eng Team Folder" shared drive
      Right-click on the file ''
      Click "Download"
      Click here:
      Select "Show in Finder"


      Right-click on the '' file
      Select Open With > Archive Utility (or just double click the file in the first place)
      There should be an unpacked directory with the same name as the zip inside the directory.

      Loading into Google Chrome

      Click here:
      Open the Chrome Extensions tab by navigating to "chrome://extensions"
      Enable Developer mode if it's not already enabled
      Click on "Load unpacked":
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