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    Adjusting Column Widths and Row Height in Excel

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    Autofit Single Column Width

    Highlight the row you would like to change the column width for. Double-click on the right side of the column.
    The column will then automatically adjust to the size needed by the text in the column.

    Manually Adjust a Single Column Width

    Click on the side of the column, hold down the edge of the cell and you can then drag to expand or shrink the width of the column.
    This example dragged the column to the right to expand the "Inventory" column.
    Dragging the right hand side of the column back towards the left minimized that single column and did not impact the size of any other columns.

    Formatting All Columns and Rows in a Sheet

    In the "Home" tab, click "Format"
    From this drop down, you can adjust the column width for a single column or all columns in the sheet.
    If you select column width, a pop up will ask you how large you would like to make the column. If you do not highlight multiple rows or the entire sheet, Excel will default to only adjusting the column where your cursor is currently located.
    If you select multiple columns or the entire sheet, Excel will alter those columns. If you do not need to have each column the same size and would instead prefer the text in each column fit correctly, select "Autofit Column Width".

    Adjusting Row Height

    To ensure all rows are formatted the same way, start by highlighting the entire sheet or selecting the rows you would like to be formatted; then click "format".
    From the formula bar, you can either select "row height" which will ask for a size number, or select "autofit row height". For this example, we will select "row height".
    You can enter a size for how long you would like each row to be. Excel will then adjust all rows that you have selected. Once the rows are sized how you would like them, click "ok".
    You can now see the rows have been adjusted to the same size you selected.

    Change Default Row Height in Your Excel

    If you change the size of your row height often, you can alter the default row size. Start by selecting "format".
    Click "Default Width..."
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