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    Advanced image editing & annotations in Scribe

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    Editing screenshots allows you to crop or resize screenshots, add shapes and markups to your screenshot, adjust your colors, and permanently redact sensitive information from screenshots. This is a Scribe Pro feature. If you'd like to upgrade your plan, you can do so by visiting <>
    Click the image icon in the top right corner of any screenshot.


    Select "Crop"
    To crop your screenshot, drag the corners to the desired positions.


    Click "Annotate"
    We offer a handful of different ways to annotate your screenshot, such as adding rectangles, arrows, drawing, or writing text. You can change the color and line width of these annotations.
    You can also move or delete the click target. Just click on the click target to drag it to the desired location or select the trash icon to delete it entirely.


    Click "Redact Forever"
    Drag the blurred effect over any parts of the screenshot you'd like redacted.

    Zooming In or Out

    Use the zoom controls to set the zoom level for your viewers.
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