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    Agent Generated 1099 Transaction Detail Report

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      Please note that the Agent must log in under their profile to be able to generate this report. Reports are not available under the Impersonate function.
      In order for the Agent to pull this report, their Vendor Profile must be set to "Track payments for 1099" by clicking on the corresponding checkbox. Additionally, the "PREPARE 1099S - CATEGORIZE PAYMENTS TO CONTRACTORS" section of the Configuration Panel must have the correct accounts selected.
      Navigate to Brokerage Engine
      The Agent has logged in under their profile.
      Click "Reports"
      Click "1099 Transaction Detail Report"
      Select a Custom date from the dropdown.
      Or click on the small calendar icons to set a date.
      Click "Generate"
      The report will then display with the date parameters selected.
      A total number will display at the bottom.
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