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    Alabama MAT Tax Account Registration

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    Alert! You will need the following to complete this form: - Your business FEIN ( -Your SSN -Your business address -The SSN, EIN, or TIN of all the owners/officers in the business -The tax types you are applying for (
    Navigate to [](
    Click "BUSINESSES"
    Click here.
    Click "Register a Business"
    Click "Begin the Registration Process"
    Click this dropdown. Select the type of business entity you're registering.
    Click the "Taxpayer FEIN" field. If you do not have an EIN, you can get one for free from the IRS. (
    Fill in your FEIN and confirm.
    Click "No" (If you are an existing taxpayer, you do not need to create a new account. Login with your existing information or contact the Taxpayer Service Center for help logging in: 205-733-2740
    Click "Next"
    Select the tax types you are applying for. Consult your CPA or accountant for assistance. Most businesses are required to apply for a Business Privilege Tax account. All B2C product businesses (selling goods to consumers) are required to apply for sales taxes (state and local).
    Click "Next"
    Enter the legal name of the business. (If you are operating as a Sole Proprietor, the legal name of your business is your name.) If you use a trade name or DBA (doing business as), enter it here. The Business entity subtype options are... Corporation, Financial Institution, Multi-Member, Partnership, Professional, Professional Series, Series, or Single Member. Your business is most likely either a multi-member or single-member. Consult a lawyer or CPA with questions.
    Add your "Incorporation date" - the date you filed with the Secretary of State.
    If you are headquartered in and registered in Alabama, select "No" to the foreign corporation question. If you are registered or headquartered in another state, like Deleware, select "Yes." If you select "Yes" you must provide documentation of your incorporation in the other state.
    Add the nature of your business. Options are... Both wholesale and retail, contractor, financial institution, manufacturing, other, retail, service, or wholesale. You can only select one.
    If you have office space at Innovation Depot, select "No." It is free to update your address with the Department of Revenue, so if this changes, it is not hard to update later.
    Add your NAICS code. If you don't know your NAICS code, click "NAICS code (click here to search)"
    Type in a keyword that describes your primary business activity. Then click [[enter]]"
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