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    Alchemy - Creating a New User

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    Navigate to [](
    Enter your Credentials and Click "SIGN IN"
    Click "Users and admins"
    Click the add user button on the bottom right of the screen.
    Enter in the employees name in the First name and Last name fields.
    Now you need to create their Username. Their username needs to be their first initial followed by their last name. In this case it is msariles.
    If that username already exists, use the first two letters of their first name followed by their last name. In this case it would be masariles.
    Enter "Password1" in both the Password and Password confirmation field. They will have to change it, the first time that they login.
    User ID is the same as their clock-in number.
    Select Joplin as the Worksite. Click "Joplin" Click "APPLY"
    Click "ADD"
    Click "SAVE"
    You are finished! 😊
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