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    Before continuing with this guide, I would recommend reading through BTA's "Resource Guide" in the Knowledge Base. <> Either use the link above to go right to BTA's "Resource Guide" in the Knowledge Base. Or click "Knowledge base" in the BTA admin.
    Type "Resources" into the search bar.
    Click on the result titled "Resources".
    Read through the BTA guide then come back to this guide :)
    Welcome back! Now we are going to go over how to find the resource settings, how to create a resource, and how to assign a resource to a class/product.
    To get to the resource settings, click "Configuration"
    Click on "Resources".
    Now that we are on the resource page, lets create a resource. \ \ For this example let's say we want to add 2 extra spots for classes on Sundays. Click "Create resource"
    Click the "Select Resource Type" dropdown. There are 3 different resource types: 1. Staff 2. Equipment 3. Room For this example we will be using the "Equipment" type.
    In the "Name" field type the name of the resource. I used letters of the alphabet for the other resources used to set class capacities, so keeping with that theme we are going to name this resource "D" In the "Description" field enter a brief explanation of what this resource is used for. Since we are setting up resource "D" to add 2 spots on Sunday classes I am going to type "adds 2 spots to classes on sunday".
    Again, we want to add 2 spots on Sundays. So set the "Capacity" field to "2" \ \ Now we want to set the availability for this resource for SUNDAYS ONLY! In the "Availability" box, click "Edit".
    For the operating hours set every day EXCEPT SUNDAY to "Closed". If you were adding two spots to Friday classes, you would set every day EXCEPT FRIDAY to "Closed".
    Make sure you leave the day you want the resource to apply to open "24 Hours"
    Click "Save"
    Click "Save" again.
    Next, we are going to assign resource "D" to "CLASS EXPERIENCE: Meditation Globe / Intro Class" to add 2 spots on Sundays.
    Currently "CLASS EXPERIENCE: Meditation Globe / Intro Class" has the following resources applied:\ \ [[Resource "A"]] - [[Standard 4 spots]] - [[Assigning this resource to a class will allow for 4 students for each date on the schedule.]] - [[Other resources can be assigned with resource A to allow for more students on specific days.]] [[Resource "B"]] - [[For classes with 8 Spots (Fri, Sat, Sun)]] - [[When used with Resource "A", Resource "B" adds 4 spots to classes on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.]] [[Resource "C"]] - [[For classes with 6 spots (thur)]] - [[When used with Resource "A", Resource "C" adds 2 spots to classes on Thursdays.]] Before we assign resource "D" to the class, on Sundays the class has room for 8 students (see below).
    Now we want to assign resource "D" to the class to add 2 extra spots Sundays. To do this Click "Manage" *Note: Make sure the capacity Basis is set to "Resource"*
    Click "+ Resource"
    Click this dropdown and choose "D"
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