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    Amazon - FBA Missing Inventory Reimbursement (Generic)

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Manage FBA Shipments"
    Under "Status" click "Closed."
    Click "Last updated" twice to get the most recent closed shipments at the top.
    Look for shipments that have fewer units received than expected.
    Next to a shipment with a discrepancy, click "Track shipment"
    Click on "Tracking events" and download the Bill of Lading
    Click on "Contents."
    Next to any of the items with missing inventory, click on Action Required and choose "Research Missing units"
    You will need to provide proof of ownership. Ideally an invoice but if you are the brand owner you will need a signed packing list or manufacturing documents.
    Before uploading the document, redact any sensitive information including price and account numbers.
    Choose AND upload the file showing proof of ownership.
    Choose AND upload the Bill of Lading.
    - In the box, type: "**Please research or reimburse**" - Click "Preview Request" - You will "submit" on the next page. - Note the case number and add it to our tracker.
    Make sure to follow up in SC Support if you don't get an email regarding the reimbursement within 5 days.
    Tip! If you need more help with Amazon, please reach out. I love to talk about the puzzle that is Amazon! Schedule time [HERE]( or send me a note [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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