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    Analyze Text on DeepOpinion Studio

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    Log in to DeepOpinion Studio [](
    On Studio home page stroll down to navigate to model library to find a variety of ready plug&play industry specific models. In this example we will choose the automative model but the same process can be applied to any model. Click "Automotive"
    This will take you to the model page where you can find a short description along with the topics the model is trained to detect
    Click "Batch" from the sidebar menu where you can analyze your text
    Click "CREATE A NEW BATCH ANALYSIS" to import your file Click "BROWSE FILES" and select your file. We support multiple file formats including "csv", "xlsx", "json", and "jsonl" Here you will get a view of your file as a table to select the column that has the text you want to analyze. so tick the checkbox of your text column Click "CREATE BATCH ANALYSIS" to start the analysis process
    Click on the analysis you created once the status turns to "FINISHED" to view the results
    At the top of the page you have a summary visualization that gives you an overview of the topics and sentiments that were detected in the text
    Click "Aspect Filter" and select any topic or sentiment to filter the results Same thing applies to "Sentiment Filter"
    The analysis is interactive. By hovering on a topic, it will automatically highlight its appearance in the text
    Example of the occurrence of "Value for money" topic in "NEG" sentiment
    By clicking on the back arrow you can return to the "Batch" page
    You can also easily export your analysis by clicking on the download icon and selecting your preferred file format
    If you require help at any point you can refer to help widget to contact us or visit our help center for useful content
    This is the end of the "Batch Analysis" tutorial. It is time to try it yourself on your data.

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