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    Apply design changes in a template to spaces created from that template

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    Click the design icon to edit your template design
    Make your changes and click "DONE"
    If there are spaces created from the template, you will have the option to update all or selected spaces. Ensure the checkbox is checked, and press "CONFIRM" when you've selected spaces to be updated.
    The hosts of the spaces that have been updated receive a notification informing them about the changes.
    If the host clicks on the notification, they will see a list of updated spaces. The host can search and sort the list for more detailed navigation if there are many spaces in the list.
    Special cases: - If the admin adds a new block to the template, it will be inserted in the same place in the spaces. If the location can't be detected because the surrounding blocks have been deleted or moved, it will be added at the bottom of the space. - If the host has made changes to the **same** block, the admin is updating, and the admin's changes will override the host's changes. - The admin's changes never remove changes made by the host unless it is in the same block(s). - If the host has deleted the block that the admin is updating, the block will be inserted again at the bottom of the space. - Spaces duplicated from spaces created from templates will not be affected by changes in the template.
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