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      In Oncore

      Log into OnCore, review the OnCore calendar for the visit, and confirm the visit was marked **Occurred**.
      Review the [ClinCard Participant Payment Tip Sheet for Approvers]( for guidance.

      In the Duke ClinCard System

      Log in to the Duke ClinCard system at []( Review and ensure accuracy of receipts for reimbursements.
      Review receipts thoroughly. Receipts must include the **Subject ID, Study ID**, and **Visit Name**. If a receipt is not provided, reach out to the Study Coordinator or CRC for a copy of the receipt. Reimbursements without a receipt, will be considered a taxable payment.
      The IRB Personal Data Disclosure Form is no longer required for the Duke ClinCard.
      Approve or deny payments.
      The approval process should take no longer than 5-8 business days.
      Please watch the **Approving a Payment Video** for a demonstration.
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