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    Asana Custom Project Views

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    How to Create a New Custom View

    Once in the Asana project you want to create a new view for, click the three dots next to the view type you would like to make a copy of.
    Click "Make a copy".
    Rename the new view by clicking on the three dots next to the copy.
    Here you can rename the view and also make it the default view for this project.
    Once you are in the new view, you can change the filters and sorts. Then save the view for later use.
    For example, you may set this view to filter by project phase.
    You could sort by assignee.
    You can also add up to 12 additional custom views using the "Add Tab" button.
    You can customize any of the current view options.

    To Remove A Custom View from a Project

    To remove a custom view from a project, click on the three dots to the side of the custom view, and click "Remove".
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