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    Asana Rules Advanced Options

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    Option 1- Completion Field Matches Task Completion Status

    Within the project where you would like to add the rule, click "customize" in the upper right hand corner.
    Click "rules"
    Click "Add rule"
    Click "create custom rule".
    Within this project, completion in a field called "status". The trigger will be status being marked as completed. Click "status is changed".
    Select "choose an option for status".
    Click "Completed"
    Click "Add action"
    Click "Change completion status to…"
    Click "Complete task"
    Click "Create rule"

    Option 2- Auto Assign a Task to a Coworker When a Task is Approved

    Click "customize" in the upper right hand corner of the project.
    Click "rules".
    Click "Add rule"
    Click "Approval stage is set → Set assignee"
    Click "choose an option for approval stage" to select which stage of approval the assignee should be assigned at.
    Click "Approved"
    Click "Choose an assignee"
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