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    Automated Freshdesk Ticket Tagging - DeepOpinion Studio

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    Create Your Freshdesk Support Free Account

    In this tutorial we will automate the tagging of customer service requests for banking.
    The first step is to create a Freshdesk Support account. Navigate to [](
    On the home page click "START FREE TRIAL"
    sign-up using your email and create a company. You can give it any name. We used here "ticket acme". Click "SIGN UP".
    Now your free trial starts for 21 days where you have access to the "Enterprise" plan with all features. After this duration you will be automatically downgraded to the free basic account. Click "GET STARTED"
    Now you are ready to use your Freshdesk Support free account Navigate to "Tickets" page by clicking on the ticket icon on the left sidebar menu. Also change your tickets view to see all details conveniently: Click "Card view" then select "Table view" from the dropdown menu. Add more fields by selecting by clicking on the pencil icon on the top-right and add both "Tags" & "Type" then click on "Apply"

    Setup Your Ticket Automation on DeepOpinion Studio

    Setup your automation on DeepOpinion Studio Switch to tab "DeepOpinion Studio" []( Click "AUTOMATIONS" Click "CREATE YOUR FIRST AUTOMATION"
    Rename your automation Click the "automation 1" field. Type "Freshdesk Ticket Tagging" Click "SAVE"
    Now you have to connect your Freshdesk Support account to DeepOpinion Automation to process and analyze new customer tickets Click on "Input". Select "Frishdesk Trigger" from the dropdown menu A side window will appear then Click "Add a new credential" In the pop-up window you will have to add your newly created freshdesk account credentials
    Navigate back to Freshdesk Support to get your account credentials Click on your profile icon on the top right On the drop-down menu select "Profile settings" Copy your API Key and add it to your automation on DeepOpinion Studio
    Complete your account integration Type "Freshdesk Test" for the Display Name field For "Domain" copy if from your Freshdesk Support account url. you only require the first part which starts with "newaccountxx...." followed by the 13 digits. Click "ADD CREDENTIAL" Click "ADD NODE" Now your Freshdesk account is connected to DeepOpinion Studio and to this automation specifically.
    You will move to Step 2 where you connect an AI model to your automation. Click on "2. Model" and a drop-down menu with all available models will appear. You can also train your own model but we will focus on readily available models for this tutorial. Click "Banking (pre-trained)" where you can view the model details like topics, sentiment, and accuracy. Click "ADD NODE" Now the selected AI model is connected to your automation to analyze your freshdesk tickets.
    Next is Step 3 "Output" where results of the AI analysis of the ticket will be stored. Click on "3. Output" and select Freshdesk" icon
    Click on credentials and make sure you select your newly created account "Freshdesk Test" Now you can choose the ticket field that you would like the automation to update. On the fourth menu "Fields to update" select "Tags" Click "ADD NODE" A pop-up window will appear informing you that your automation is ready. click on "ACTIVATE" Now your automation is live and any new ticket will be automatically tagged and updated on Freshdesk

    Freshdesk Automation Testing

    You can evaluate your automation on DeepOpinion Studio as a first test. Click "EVALUATE" Then type in the text box "Dear Banking Team, Why has my new card still not come? I opened my account 2 weeks age. This is frustrating." Click "EVALUATE" The tags will appear below: "Updating field 'tags' with 'Satisfaction,Customer Service,Credit Card,NEG,Processing Time'.
    You can test the automation by sending an email to your Freshdesk Support and observing it being automatically tagged a few seconds later on Freshdesk
    You can get your Freshdesk email address from your Freshdesk Support account. Navigate to "Admin" by clicking on the last icon from the sidebar menu. Scroll down and select "Email" and then you will find your assigned email address which you can use to send tickets to Freshdesk directly by email.

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