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    BE Customer Portal - Getting Started

      Navigate to [](
      Alert! In the event you have not received login credentials, reach out to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) for assistance.
      Enter your credentials and click "Login"
      Complete Multi Factor Authentication security setup by using either the Google Authenticator app or SMS text verification.
      Once verification is complete, you will be directed to the Customer Portal.
      Edit Your Profile Click 'Edit Profile' to complete profile setup.
      Click "Add Credit Cards" to add and store this form of payment.
      Please note that multiple Credit Cards can be added and stored.
      To enroll in Automatic Payments, select 'Enable,' and to unenroll in Automatic Payments, select 'Disable.' Please note that all Users will be enrolled in Automatic Payments by default.
      Click "Edit Profile" to add/change additional profile settings, including profile photo and contact information.
      Click "Invoices" to view all past, current, and upcoming invoices.
      Here you can view all invoices associated with your Company.
      Click on the 'Action' button to access and/or pay a specific invoice. Additionally, multiple invoices can be paid at one time using the 'Batch Payment' button.
      Click "Pay Invoice" to pay using your preferred payment method, or click 'Request Split' to have the invoice paid using multiple methods.
      For more information about Brokerage Engine billing, please reach out to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) for assistance.
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