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    Bank Reconciliation

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    Navigate to [](
    Click the Add Reconciliation button.
    Click on the drop down box for "Bank Account" Click on the GL Account drop down and select the account to reconcile, i.e. "Operating Acct - xxxx####" Click "BankStatement.pdf" to verify the correct statement is attached, and to see the ending balance. Switch to BankStatement to review balance. Click on the Ending Balance field to enter the amount from the bank statement.
    Review bank statement transactions to match to items listed in uManage.
    Switch to "GL Account Inquiry" to research transactions (best if opened in another tab).
    Click on the Association drop-down menu to select the community. Find Association, i.e. Click "Carriages @ Autumn Creek" To filter for the transactions for the month, click the "Start Date" field and enter beginning of the month. Click the "End Date" field and enter the last day of the month. Select the drop-down menu for Account to select the GL Account associated with the bank account. Click "10000 - Operating Checking Account - CIT ####" Click "Search"
    Go to the end of the GL to find the ending balance.
    Switch to tab "CDROM-DocPortal-NImg-NP.16_060123_000262513696_43.pdf"
    Click this checkbox. Compare items in bank reconciliation to bank statement if required. Click checkbox to include the items as reconciling items in the bank reconciliation. Continue to select items identified in GL or bank reconciliation. As items are selected, the Bank Debits, Bank Credits, Recon Balance and Difference amounts at the bottom of the bank reconciliation update. There may be some items from the GL that are not on the bank statement due to timing, those can be left un-selected. If there are items that need to be reviewed, click on Save at the top of the bank reconciliation.
    To access the bank reconciliation again later, search in Manage Bank Reconciliation and filter by Association. To review the details, click on the Pencil icon.
    In the bank reconciliation, scroll down to the bottom. Once the Difference at the bottom is zero, the bank reconciliation can be posted with notes in the Description, if required.
    Once all items are identified and there are no missing bank items, click on Save and Post to complete the bank reconciliation. This will change the status of the selected items to reconciled and the bank reconciliation will be ready for inclusion with the financials.
    For the other accounts, click on Add Reconciliation.
    In the Bank Account drop-down, select the other accounts that require reconciliation. Click "Reserve Acct - xxxx####" Click "BankStatement.pdf" to view the bank statement for the Reserve account. Enter in the Ending Balance. Enter in the Description as required. Save and Post to complete the Bank Reconciliation.
    Continue to Add Reconciliations for each bank account for the association.
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