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    Booking a Shoot on the OneLook Portal

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    • 60 seconds
    Navigate to [](
    Type the address into the search bar and select the correct location.
    Tip! If it does not come up thru Google maps, select "Manually enter my address" below the search.
    Add the approximate square footage. Please include all spaces that will be captured, including basements.
    Click "Confirm Property Location & Size"
    Select the package or service you would like to purchase for your listing.
    Click "Continue to details"
    Select your own soundtrack from []( or select "I'll choose my music option later" and we'll edit to the track we feel suites the property!
    Select any add-ons you'd like for this listing! Try an agent intro, our social media bundle, waterfront listing, aerial add-on, lifestyle footage or more! Click "Show all add-ons" below to see more!
    If there are additional services added on site, the project will be updated to reflect. For example, there are additional fees for waterfront listings, large properties, additional floor plans, lifestyle scenes etc
    Click "Continue"
    Select the date and available times for your booking.
    Tip! If your preferred date and time are not available, please contact the office or fill out a form at []( and we can see what we can do!
    Fill out the features section for anything you'd like us to highlight.
    If something is deemed to be missed and this was not filled out with the details when booked, there will be a re-shoot fee to return.
    Please let us know how our team will access the property and include any pertinent details or contact information.
    If there are areas you do not want to show, please let us know here.
    Click "Continue"
    Click "Verify" to continue. You will receive a code that will verify your account details. You should only need to do this once unless you are on a new device or have cleared your cookies.
    If this is your first time booking, please complete the required information and listing agent details.
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