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    how to login the platform

    Navigate to [](
    Navigate the []( and enter username, password and verification code.

    Where do i see players usage?

    The number of devices used, active/passive status, expiration date, media usage area, and number are all visible on the Bookreen Platform's main screen. Furthermore, the player list can be filtered for a single device search.

    how do i edit my profile?

    The user may access my profile and change name, email address, address, password and NFC ID by clicking on ‘my profile’ in the management section of the Bookreen platform or by clicking on the avatar on the top of the right corner of the home page. Furthermore the user is able to view her/his role, number of players and media lists, recent login activities and tickets record on the same page.

    how to add a new user

    Navigate to [](
    Click "Employees" from the Management Section.
    Click "Add User"
    Enter user name and surname
    Click the "[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])" field and enter email address.
    Set up a password for the new user from the manage password section.
    To set role settings, select the role amount user roles.
    Please remember that, the platform interface will be changed by choosing a role.
    To set device management which the user is able to use, select the device group amount device groups.
    Click "Save" button which top of right corner.

    how to add a new company

    Navigate to [](
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