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    Bubble Workflow for Creating User Roles and Permissions

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    (Just added a text to illustrate that this is your main/home page and a button that will be use to navigate to the admin page) Click here to create a new page for the admin.
    Click "Add a new page..."
    Type your page's name and click "CREATE"
    I'll just add a text element here to illustrate that this is the admin page.
    Click "H1 Heading - Dark" just to make it look bigger.
    Go back to your home page.
    Double-click "Admin" to add a workflow to this button.
    Click "Start/Edit workflow"
    Click "Click here to add an action..."
    Click "Go to page ..."
    Click "admin"
    Click "Preview" to test out this action.
    After testing, go back to the editor and click "Data".
    Under the User data type, Click "Create a new field".
    I added a question mark to the field name as I'll choose my field type as yes/no. (This is not a rule of thumb tho)
    Click "CREATE"
    Click "no" as a default type as users will not be an admin upon creating them.
    Click "App data"
    Click "New entry". I'm just going to manually add some users here on our database. One admin and one user.
    Once you've created a dummy accounts. Go back to "Design" tab.

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