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    CRE Remittance Reconciliation Workflow

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      1. Creation of a CRE Remittance file

      Begin the process by locating the CRE_Remit_P&I_2023 file in the shared drive via the Remote Desktop. This file is located at the following path: \EXFFILESRV\Shared\Accounting\Private\Private\Recons_2023\862100-100.
      A new file needs to be created, making sure to update the file name to correspond to the current month's closing.

      2. Modifying the 62403 Template and PAS2 sheets

      Open the newly created file and navigate to the "62403 Template" sheet. Update this sheet to reflect the current month's closing date.
      After updating, make sure to double check that these changes are automatically updated.
      Proceed to the PAS2 sheet and delete the data present in column A all the way through to column G.

      3. Generating the Current Month-end Data via Datalinks

      Navigate to the shared drive again and find the PAS2.accdb file in the Data Links folder. You can find this at \EXFFILESRV\Shared\Accounting\Private\Private\Data Links.
      Open the fn_862100_100 CRE_Remit_P&I file and copy the data to your Excel spreadsheet.

      4. Preparing Copied Data for Analysis in a New Excel Spreadsheet

      Copy the data from Datalinks to a new Excel spreadsheet and unwrap the text.
      Update the name of ASI Federal CU to reflect its current name, OnPath Federal CU. Take the current name from the PAS2 sheet.
      Delete column H all the way through to column J.
      Verify that there are no duplicate Credit Unions in the data. You can do this by using the Unique function in Excel.
      Select cells A2 to G2 and all the way down to the last row that contains data. Then, copy the selection and paste it as values in PAS2 sheet.
      On the "62403 Template" sheet, check for any discrepancies found in rows M172 to R172. Investigate any discrepancies found.
      On the same sheet, check that the formula from cells C10 to I10 and all the way down are consistent.
      If formulas are consistent, C172 will not show any difference. Also apply a filter to column I by values that are greater than zero.

      5. Reconciling GL balance with PAS

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