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    Cancel CardConnect Account

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    Navigate to [](
    Click the "Search" field.
    Insert MID or organization's name.
    Alert! Verify if the organization also has a ACH account. You will also have to repeat the same steps as below on the second MID. If their ACH is a ProfitStars account. Please look for instructions on how to cancel ProfitStars account (once I make them).
    Click "Tickets"
    Click "Create Ticket"
    Click the "What type of ticket are you looking for?" field.
    Click "Risk / Collections"
    Click the "Reason" field.
    Click "Acct Cancellation Request"
    Click the "Cancellation Reason" field.
    Click "Account Not Used"
    Click the "Description" field.
    Type "Please cancel, thanks!"
    Click "Save"
    Verify if the organization has an Early Termination Fee (ETF). If so, an additional ticket will need to be made. Click "Account Detail"
    If this field has an amount, please open a refund ticket or the client will be assessed this fee when the account is closed.
    Click "Tickets"
    Click "Create Ticket"

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