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    Cancel a Sales Order in Order Management System

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    Navigate to <>
    Navigate to Sales Orders
    Open the Sales order by Clicking on 3 Dots and Selecting **View/Edit** option.
    To cancel an Order user needs to Click on "**CANCEL ORDER**" button from the activity area.
    Alert! An Order can only be Cancelled if its in "**Pending"** State.
    A pop up will appear asking user to specify the **Cancel By Date** and Notes. As Name Suggests **Cancel By Date** is referred to Cancel Date of Order and Notes fields expects the Reason of Cancelling an Order.
    After Entering the '**Date**' and '**Notes**'. Click on "YES" to cancel an order
    Once done the status of the Order in the life cycle section gets changed from "Pending" to "Cancelled". Now user will not be able to do any further processing to this Order.
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