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    Canvas Discussions & Announcements Redesign Tutorial

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      Go into any Canvas course site. Scroll down and click the course Settings button.
      Click "Feature Options"
      Click "Discussions/Announcements Redesign, current state: Disabled"
      Click "Enabled"
      Go back to your Discussions page to view the differences.
      View noticeable changes.
      Click to search by key words or author
      Click to view all or only unread posts.
      You can sort by newest or oldest posts.
      Click "View Split Screen" which will show the thread on the right side of your screen beside your discussion prompt/instructions.
      Click "View Inline" to show posts in - line, like the classic discussion thread view.
      Click the number of replies to expand the discussion thread.
      You can also expand & collapse threads by clicking here.
      You can also expand & collapse threads by clicking here.
      Notice the "teacher" designation that now appears underneath the instructor's name in the discussion thread.
      To Edit the discussion settings, click the three dots (snowman) on the right side of the discussion header. Then, Click "Edit"
      You now have options for an "Anonymous Discussion" for ungraded discussion forums. Off= not anonymous at all; Partial = students have the option to make their own posts anonymous; Full = All posts are anonymous.
      Students now have the option to report posts. Click the three dots (snowman) beside the suspected post. Then, Click "Report"
      Select the reason from the ones available, then click Submit. The instructor will receive a Canvas notification and the post will show a red exclamation mark to the instructor in the discussion thread.
      Announcements have the same features as the redesigned discussions. Click on Announcement, then click on the announcement at which you want to look.
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