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    Canvas: How to Use Immersive Reader

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    Navigate to a page in your Canvas course
    Click "Immersive Reader"
    Click here to adjust Text Preferences.
    Click here to adjust the size of the font.
    Click a theme to change the background color.
    Click here to adjust the font (Comic Sans is easier for little ones!)
    Click here to adjust Reading Preferences.
    Turn on Line Focus to highlight only one or a few lines at a time.
    View using Line Focus-1 line
    Click here to turn on a picture dictionary for struggling readers.
    Select a language to translate the text into.
    Click the word needing translating and the translation will pop up. Click the translated word for it to be read aloud.
    Click here to adjust Voice Settings for read-aloud. .
    You can adjust the voice speed or change from a male to female voice.
    Click the "Play" icon to have the entire page read to them.
    Click here to have parts of speech highlighted in different colors or turn on syllables.
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