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    Canvas: How to create a Google Assignment.

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    Navigate to your course
    Click "+ Assignment" to create a new assignment
    Name the assignment
    Click this dropdown and select External Tool.
    Click "Find"
    Scroll down and click "Google Assignments (LTI 1.3)"
    Here you will link your Google account. If you're logged into two google accounts, select the one you need to link.
    Click "Link"
    Click "Link" again.
    Click "Attach" to attach a Google Doc, Slide, etc you have already created. You may select to Create one as you're making the assignment.
    Select your file.
    Choose how you want to grade the assignment. See the details below this option to determine if you want to grade it within Google Assignments. You will then need to create a point total, due date and rubric (optional). See next steps for how this will look.
    See graphic below on what that option looks like.
    Click the "Canvas SpeedGraderSubmitted files are uploaded in Canvas SpeedGrader as converted view-only files.Annotate files and give video, audio, or text comments using Canvas Speedgrader.Assign grades in Canvas Speedgrader." field.
    Click "Create"
    Click "Select"
    Click "Save"
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