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    Canvas: Setting Module Requirements

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    Navigate to your course modules page.
    Click here the 3 dots menu by the Module Name.
    Click "Edit"
    You can choose to lock a module until a certain date.
    Click here.
    Select the date to unlock
    You can force students to complete other things before having access to this module. Click +Add prerequisites
    Select the module(s) you want them to complete before this module opens
    You can set requirements students must meet within this module.
    You can force students to move through each page in order.
    You can also require students to complete an assignment (or assignments) before moving on from the module.
    Select the assignment
    Determine what they have to do with this assignment (view, mark as done, submit, or score at least a certain score)
    If they have to score a certain score, mark that score here.
    Click "Update Module"
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