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    Canvas: Using Rubrics

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    Tip! Complete these steps after you have created and saved an assignment. These steps are done from the assignment's page.
    Click "Rubric"
    Name the rubric
    Double-click "Description of criterion" to update what this portion of the rubric is grading
    Click "Update Criterion"
    Click the pencil beside each point value to make edits and update what earns this amount of points.
    Type "10"
    Click the "Rating Description" field.
    Click "Update Rating"
    Click the + to add more point possibilities
    Click the "Use this rubric for assignment grading" field if you want the grade to automatically populate depending on what you click in the rubric. Otherwise, you'll click everything in the rubric and still have to write a grade in the blank in SpeedGrader.

    For previously created rubrics...

    If you already have a rubric you'd like to re-use, click "Find a Rubric"
    Click the rubric you want to use.
    Click in a blank area where the rubric appears so you can scroll to the bottom of it to get to the next button.
    Click "Use This Rubric"
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