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    CardConnect Credential Creation

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    Navigate to [](
    While logged into the org's CardPointe...
    Click "Administration"
    Take note of their MID, this will be needed for the creation of the CC Native Gateway.
    Take note of the MID number. Some orgs will have both a MID and ACH number that is shorter. For this process, we will need the longer MID number since this gateway is for credit/debit cards.
    Click "Credentials"
    Click "Create Credentials"
    Click "Select an account"
    Make sure you select the account (if multiple) that has the MID on it. Usually one is all uppercased and one looks normal to help differentiate.
    Select org with proper MID.
    Click this text field.
    Type "username001" (or other placeholder username for credentials.)
    Click, "Generate Password."
    You now have the API credentials you'll need to create a CardConnect Native gateway for the org in GMS.
    To install these credentials, view this article that'll show you how to create a CardConnect Native gateway in the org's iDonate back office: [](

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