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    Central: How to Create a BOL(Bill of Lading)

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    Go to your central dashboard and log in if necessary <https://central.leanafywms.com>
    Click on Menu.
    Click on "BoL"
    Click on "New BoL"
    Click and type to search for the order(s) for which you would like to generate the BOL. (You can also generate a BOL without any linked order)
    To generate the BOL, you can choose multiple orders (with status picked, packed or shipped ) by clicking on the search area, typing, and selecting the order(s).
    Enter the shipping address
    If needed, you can enter SID (Shipper's Identification) and CID (Consignee's Identification) in their respective fields.
    You can either input the BOL number or leave it blank; in the latter case, the system will generate one automatically.
    Enter the "Carrier Name"
    \[Optional\] You can enter the trailer number, seal number, SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code), Pro Number details for comprehensive record-keeping.
    Enter "Special Instructions" if there are any.
    You can verify the details of your order package in the "customer order information" section.
    Please note that in customer order information, fields like order number, packages (pkgs), weight and unit are mandatory. If any of these fields is empty, that row will be discarded with an error. You can always click on the "+" symbol shown above in the image to enter details for additional orders.
    \[Optional\] If needed, you can enter the carrier information such as quantity (qty), type for the Handling Unit (H.U.) and Package with their respective weight and unit. You can also select the checkbox if the order contains hazardous material (H.M.) and provide a description, National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) number, and class for the same.
    Enter the "COD Amount".
    Click and choose the relevant checkboxes.
    Select all the relevant checkboxes in the highlighted section below.
    Click on "Create BoL"
    You will see a notification for "BoL generated successfully!" and it will be immediately opened in this view, from where you can print it as well.
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