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    Central: How to Create an ARN with source information.

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    Go to your central dashboard and log in if necessary <https://central.leanafywms.com/>
    Click on Menu icon
    Click on ARNs menu item in the Inbound section.
    Click on "New ARN" button
    Click and select the client from the dropdown.
    Click on "Add Items", if the panel for adding items is not open by default.
    Select the product from the dropdown.
    Put the expected receivable quantity and select the UoM from the dropdown.
    Click on "Add Item to ARN" button
    Click on "ARN details" tab
    Choose a customer from the dropdown menu.
    If a customer has not been added for the client, follow the scribe below to add one:<https://scribehow.com/shared/Central_How_to_add_a_contact_for_a_client__7zqUaBt8TYCzpttUGUnR6A>
    Provide the document name to be uploaded.
    Click to upload the image/pdf.
    Enter the Primary Ref. No. (PRN) if needed.
    Kindly select the anticipated date for receiving the item(s) in the ARN from the calendar.
    To add any instruction, Click on "Add ARN instructions"
    Enter the necessary instructions in the empty field.
    Here you can add instruction for warehouse to follow when receiving this ARN.
    Then, click on Add instructions to ARN.
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