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    Central: How to add a custom package for an order

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    Go to your central dashboard and log in if necessary<https://central.leanafywms.com/>
    Click on Menu
    Click on "Orders"
    Select the order that has been picked and is ready to be packed.
    Click on "Packaging"
    Click on "Add Packages" button.
    Please choose either the imperial system or the metric system for measuring units. For example: you can use either inches and pounds (imperial) or centimeters and kilograms (metric) when measuring the length and weight of an package.
    Click on "Custom" to add a custom package for the order.
    Click on the "Package DIMS" dropdown to enter the dimensions of the package box.
    Enter the package length and select the unit for the package.
    Enter the package Width and Height.
    Enter the package weight and select the unit from the dropdown.
    Choose the product from the dropdown to add it to the custom package.
    Enter the product quantity and select the UoM from the dropdown.
    Click on "Add Product" button.
    Once you have added all the products in the order that need to be packed, you can click on the "Add Package to Order *{Number}*" button.
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