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    Central: How to do Shipping for a packed order.

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    Go to your central dashboard and log in if necessary [https://central.leanafywms.com](https://central.leanafywms.com/)
    Click on Menu
    Click on "Orders"
    Click and select the order that is packed and ready for shipping.
    Click on the "right arrow" to navigate to the Shipping section.
    Click on "Shipping"
    Click on "Create Shipment" button.
    Select the package that you want to ship.
    Click on "Next: Order Address" button
    Enter the customer name.
    Customer details will be pre-filled if you added them while creating the order or updated the customer details after creating the order.
    Enter the customer company.
    Type in and select the shipping address.
    Provide additional address details in line 2 if needed.
    Enter Zip/Postal Code
    Enter the contact number for the customer.
    Click on "Next: Package Pickup" button.
    Click and select the pick-up date.
    Click on "Next: Create Shipment" button.
    Select the courier partner according to your needs.
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