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    Central: How to receive items against an ARN

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    Go to your central dashboard and log in if necessary <https://central.leanafywms.com/>
    Click on Menu icon
    Click on "ARNs" menu item
    Select the "Open ARN" for which you want to perform receiving.
    **\[Optional\]** You have the option to edit the Item Quantity/UoM or remove the item from ARN in case of a mismatch.
    Please note that you cannot remove if there is only a single item in an ARN. In that case you can simply cancel the ARN.
    **\[Optional\]** If any items have been missed, you can also add them to the ARN. Just choose the product from the dropdown, input the expected Quantity and UoM for the product, and then click the "Add Item to ARN" button.
    Begin the receiving process by clicking on the item area box.
    Click on the dropdown and choose the location where you wish to receive this item.
    Enter the quantity to receive.
    Select the UoM from the dropdown.
    Click on the "Receive on LP" section if you wish to receive the item on the License Plate.
    You can only receive the item(s) on the License Plate (LP) that is located at the selected receiving location and isn't associated with a different client.
    Type to search for the License Plate (LP) and select it from the dropdown menu.
    Enter the LP Ref. Number if there is any, and then click on the "Receive Item" button.
    Click on "Fulfil ARN" button
    You have successfully completed the process of receiving against an ARN from central.
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