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    Chapter 5. Display and settings

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      [[The PMAC770H is equipped with a TFT colorful LCD with a resolution of 320×240.]]

      5.1 Button

      [[PMAC770H equips with 4 buttons on front panel, functions of each button are show as below:]]

      5.2 Indicator light

      [[PMAC770H equips with 4 indicator lights on front panel:]]

      5.3 Settings and display

      [[The device will refresh the page after powering on, and will enter the default main menu after refreshing, the main menu includes 8 sub menus, show as below picture:]]

      5.3.1 Basic measurement

      [[The basic parameter measurement page is consists of 11 sub menus, which including phase voltage, line voltage, phase current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, current demand, power demand, digital input, relay etc.]]

      5.3.2 Electrical energy measurement

      [[Electrical energy measurement page is consists of 6 sub menus, which including total energy, active energy, reactive energy, apparent energy, four quadrant energy and multi-tariff energy etc.:]]

      5.3.3 Power quality

      [[Power quality page is consists of 7 sub menus, which including phase diagram, imbalance rate, sequence components, deviation, crest factor, flicker and current etc.]]

      5.3.4 Event record

      [[Event record page display the events including phase voltage over limit, phase voltage under limit etc. For more detailed events please refer to parameter settings->alarm setting.]]

      5.3.5 Real-time waveform

      [[Real-time waveform page including three-phase current and three-phase voltage waveform.]]

      5.3.6 Waveform recording

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